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Personal yoga sessions

One-to-one yoga sessions are offered; The sessions are fully customized to fit your schedule, level and needs.

  1. Apart from being the most efficient way to immerse into yoga, you can enjoy the following benefits:
  2. mpoumpouna-10-219x300Convenience: FIt a yoga session in your busy schedule by choosing the date and time of your practice at the comfort of your home.
  3. A fully custom made yoga session is provided, according to your body type, specific needs and lifestyle; you can achieve greater progress and deepen your yoga practice, while receiving maximum attention!
  4. It helps you to develop your own home practice.
  5. If you have injuries or other conditions (etc lower back problems, insomnia, depression, stress…), a special sequencing is provided in order to accelerate the healing process.
  6. Confidence booster for first timers and easier integration in a group class.
  7. Multi style yoga sessions or other specialized workshops etc inversions, arm balances (…) upon request (hatha, restorative, ashtanga vinyasa)

Choose the language of instruction: either Greek or English.

Promo: Special price is offered for a package of 10 sessions. Contact is at