Are you ready to get exposed? If yes, you are ready for yoga!

Yoga is a way of being; a science; a philosophy;  a path to the heart; a way to experience life; a lifestyle; A holistic method that balances our body, mind and spirit; not a sport , but it still requires commitment and a certain discipline.

Therefore and its benefits are multidimensional;

Concerning the physical aspect and depending on the regularity and intensity of the practice, it strengthens the whole body, enhances coordination and balance; Excellent for a good bodily posture and full body awareness.

The physical aspect unites with the mental and spiritual through the breath and the entailing meditative techniques.

A body mind balance is critical for a greater performance in sports. In sports, additionally to increasing performance, yoga is ideal for recovery, mobility or rehabilitation.

Even people working in offices experience an increase in productivity at the workplace.

Exploring the mental pros and contrary to the popular belief, yoga is not for the flexible; It is for those that are willing to open themselves, let go of overthinking and cultivate a steady mind. You cultivate mindfulness; Being mindful means that you are calm but at the same time fully aware, alert and ready for what life brings and that is why people practicing yoga have greater reflexes than the rest. Openness in the mind will bring flexibility.

Spiritually speaking, yoga is a life changing experience; Again, it has to do with openness and exposure in order to bring about emotional stability and overcoming fears. With yoga you can fight any kind of emotional stress.

When everything in balance, only then real relaxation can occur!

Let everything be, have faith…

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