Ashtanga, its all yoga to me!

I returned in India, this time in Mysore, in search of inspiration and further growth and that is what I found.

Ashtanga yoga – as I experienced in its source in the Pathabhi Jois Institute in Mysore of India – is not just a system of rigorous physical practices according to the general misconception destined for a specific tribe of people.

On the contrary, it is a higher art of overcoming your body, surrendering to your breath and turning inwards to discover your higher truth.

It i12346865_10153712642518162_1186631407_sites not about a sequence of asanas depriving you of self-expression – as a hatha yogi like me would say – but about letting go of any resistance or question; It is about turning your attention inwards; It is about letting go of doubt, believing in that you can fly and rediscovering a way to open your wings. Our cultural and social conditioning has injured our wings. Our expectations create fear to heal them. Through this system, the practitioner objects himself to “tapas”, the Sanskrit word for austerities; it is not about sweating during physical exercise or keeping fit, but instead the heat generated during the practice burns away impurities of the body (physical, energy, mental, wisdom, bliss) to reach to the pure form of consciousness, to the “light” and pacifying delusions.

The yoga connects all: I felt a strong sense of belonging in my ashtanga yoga family like a never felt before. I saw myself reflecting at the people around me in the shala, I saw myself reflecting at the sky and the sun. The connection is very intense. Love is also there, maybe even your twin soul. No frontier, we are all one. During the very early morning Mysore practice, everybody is minding his own practice, everybody is moving according to this own competency and pace and trying to listen to his breath; a strictly personal practice. Do not resist it, do not force it (ahimsa; no violence), do not question it! Work towards it…but be humble! Have faith; in this moment you are happy! Happiness is to let your faith touch your soul and deliver inner peace and tranquility. In this moment, you are blessed…you are one step closer to the truth, to the ultimate remembrance.