Thoughts of a yoga teacher on inversions

Saturday 9th of May, my 3rd day teaching yoga in this wonderful yoga and meditation resort. I started my day with a pranayama (breathing techniques) and asana quite advanced yoga class. I do not like repeating the same flow of exercises every day, I like making the class interesting and unconventional. I am an unconventional person taking risks and through yoga I can express the freedom I pursue in my life, and make my own little revolution. So, I try to make my students experience this same freedom, getting them out of stereotypes, leading them to a journey during which they can overcome their fears and see the world upside down, just like in a handstand. No matter if you fall, you will stand up stronger than before. You will know that your fear was irrational….even if you fall down and bleed, you will have learnt how it is to conquer your fear.

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