Yoga is my health insurance!

Nowadays, there is a general misconception of what health is;

According to the World Health Organization (1946), health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

A harmonious balance between the physical body, mind and spirit.

Holistic health supports the connection between the physical body, mind and spirit and understands the importance of balancing all aspects of one’s life, including food, posture, breathing, thoughts, environment, beliefs. Dating back to to 5.000 BCE, the holistic health concept accepts that in this physical body, the various organs and systems, all have their own functions to carry out, but there should be a complete coordination between them; if they are not able to coordinate with each other, it means than not one, but all the systems are imbalanced. Thus, in every illness, whether physical or mental, every system is out of coordination. According to the law of mutual rhythms, all it is needed in order to regain health of the whole system, is to confer absolute health to one part or system, then all the others will naturally follow suit. Holistic health accepts using preventive care and all modalities of care available such as surgery, western medicine, chemotherapy, nutrition, rehabilitation, bodywork, spiritual healing to name a few.

All disorders are psychosomatic and stress is the no. 1 factor causing them.

When we view psychosomatic disorders from the perspective of holistic health, we see that all the disorders can be psychosomatic, because the body reflects our mental, emotional and spiritual health. Stress is the main factor causing psychosomatic disorders. Amongst the stressors that can cause a stress reaction in the body, are chemical stressors such as food (etc nicotine, high fat diet, alcohol), drug use or environmental poisons such as air pollution and heavy metals, physical stressors such as physical inactivity or over activity, noise pollution, lack of sleep, barometric pressure changes, accidents and emotional stressors such as fear, anger, guilt, sorrow, anxiety, jealousy. Furthermore the effect of these stressors are additive, which means that accumulates with each additional small level of stress; overtime chronic stress restricts the blood flow through the body and weakens the immune system, which can eventually cause physical dysfunctions. Excess physical chemical and emotional pressure causes a stress reaction to the body.

We are ultimately responsible for our own health and our holistic health care; each one of us is so unique that no one treatment, medication or technique is going to work for us all.

Yoga therapy is powerful against psychosomatic dysfunctions, because it works according to the principles of harmony and unification, rather than diversity; moreover, yoga includes relaxation techniques and in general promotes a healthy lifestyle and general wellbeing, thus is more than a physical exercise and should be accessible to all people.

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